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Office Staff - they are fast and truly there to help . they care about their patients.
Patient 1/24/2023
Dr. Nawab - Dr Nawab is courteous, informative and shows compassion with me on my office visits. This doctor’s appointment is always pleasant and friendly, from the office staff, radiology staff and Doctor Nawab. Thank you
Paient 1/16/2023
Social Climb
Dr. Salamon - Staff was very tentative and prompt to see my 9 year old at the walk in Monday clinic, saved us a lot of time and money to get and accurate diagnosis, effective treatment plan that she was able to get back to school same morning on her way to recovery.
Patient 1/24/23


The physicians at E&B offer athletes the ability to obtain immediate care WITHOUT an appointment

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Hike Again!

On June 23rd, 2022, Winnie was hiking at Red River Gorge when she fell after getting her foot caught in a tree root. Deep in the gorge and unable to walk, the group members she was hiking with were able to stabilize her ankle. After about an hour, a team of rescuers arrived to help with the rough journey out of the park. She was transported to the nearest hospital for x-rays and medical care.

The very next day, June 24th, Winnie came into our office to see Dr. Daniel Rueff. She was diagnosed with a right ankle fracture and scheduled for surgery with our trauma specialist Dr. Sean Griffin.

Dr. Griffin performed the surgery a few days later, inserting a plate and multiple screws. Winnie said the surgery was “outstanding” and was very impressed with Dr. Griffin and the medical staff’s professionalism during her subsequent follow-up visits.

While recovering at home Winnie was unable to bear weight on her leg. During those six weeks of recovery at home she constantly tried to move her injured ankle on her own but was unable to. After six weeks, she began her rehabilitation working with Emily Klump, PT, and Rachel Riggs, PTA, at our Eastpoint Physical Therapy office. Winnie said she was so impressed with how quickly her motion and recovery progressed as soon as she began her physical therapy.

Winnie is near completion of her rehabilitation. She has regained her function and strength to return to hiking again.

She is genuinely grateful and wishes to thank everyone who helped her throughout this process, from the EMS and Search & Rescue personnel to the physicians, staff, and physical therapists at Ellis & Badenhausen.


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