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2023 Community’s Choice Award Winner

Dr. Rueff - Dr rueff has been taking care of me for a few years and he has always treated me with kindness and professionalism. He always explains with he sees and how he wants to treat. I recommend to all !!
Dr. Rhea - Dr. Rhea was prompt, listened to my issues, really did a great job explaining my options and finally he was in new hurry to do surgery but tried some options first. Highly recommend him and comparing to other surgeons, he’s one of the best.
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Dr. Griffin - Love the way Dr Griffin takes care of me. Always answers my many questions & makes me feel seen. Grade A+ in all things—getting my issues fixed, listening, & bedside manner. I do recommend him to family & friends.


The physicians at E&B offer athletes the ability to obtain immediate care WITHOUT an appointment

Monday “Walk-in Clinic” 

Year Round!! 


Eastend – 13151 Magisterial Dr. Suite 200 

Southend – 5120 Dixie Highway Suite 103

St. Matthews Norton Women & Children’s Hospital
4123 Dutchmans Lane
Plaza #3 Suite 101  

8:00 am – 9:30 am

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Now I Can...

Train and show my two Boxers!!

Debbie came to Ellis & Badenhausen to see Dr. Sean Griffin after not being able to train or run agility with her Boxers in over three years due to pain in both her knees and left hip. She had knee replacement surgeries in October and December of 2021, and then had her left hip replaced on July 15, 2022 all by Dr. Sean Griffin.  

Debbie said, “I can’t say enough good things about this doctor. He really cares about his patients, takes time to discuss your procedures and what to expect.”

She went to physical therapy at the Magisterial Dr. office and worked with Bri Dineen, PTA.  “She knew just what to do to get me back on my feet as quickly as possible”.

We (Bri and I) worked diligently to improve not only my range of motion and strength, but also help build back up my endurance and tolerance to activity. Even on days where I didn’t feel up to completing PT sessions, Bri helped me push through and put me at ease by oftentimes giving me something to laugh about. Once I had enough strength, we were able to progress to functional activities that simulated some of my movements I needed while teaching obedience classes as well as completing agility courses. These included activities such as: increasing stride length, quick change of direction, squatting, and lateral movements.

Anybody that knows me knows my love for training and showing my two boxers in Obedience, Rally and Agility.  Dr Griffin’s and Bri’s goals were to get me back to doing just that. Although I am still very slow and haven’t been able to run agility in over three years, I am now able to.  

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to Dr Griffin and Bri !!  You have made me a very happy woman.


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